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Article: SwanScout Samsung SmartTag Wallet - The Best SmartTag Wallet

SwanScout Samsung SmartTag Wallet - The Best SmartTag Wallet
SmartTag Wallet

SwanScout Samsung SmartTag Wallet - The Best SmartTag Wallet

With the SmartTag getting huge popularity, many people are looking for a perfect minimal Samsung SmartTag Wallet, which unfortunately isn’t as readily available as an Air Tag Wallet.

If you are one of them, your search is now over!

SwanScout SmartTag Wallet is the perfect option for Galaxy users looking to upgrade from a traditional wallet. We have an elegant minimal solution with our SmartTag Wallet that is almost the ideal SmartTag Wallet money can buy.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Samsung SmartTag Wallet to back our claims, talk about it, and solve your other queries about SmartTag and SmartTag Wallets.

What is a Smart Tag Wallet?

Samsung’s Smart tag is a small battery-powered device that you can attach to your wallet, backpack, keys, or even your pet to locate them quickly. It comes with an accessible battery that you can easily replace yourself. You can attach it to different things and find your SmartTag with the SmartThings app on your Samsung smartphone.

SwanScout SmartTag Wallet is quite an excellent innovative accessory for anyone using a Samsung device. You can attach a SmartTag to your wallet and easily find it. But a SmartTag Wallet is not limited to tracking your wallet when it gets lost.

With other features like RFID Blocking, Sleek Design, Higher Durability, and Practical Card Storage, it perfectly fixes all the issues you have with a traditional wallet.

Can a SmartTag fit in a wallet?

When we see a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, everyone might feel that the device is not slim enough to fit in a regular wallet. And yes, it is true as well. Although the device is also said to work on wallets, fitting it in any wallet is not ideal.

If you are talking about a traditional wallet, you might not be able to fit a SmartTag in it. But when it comes to SwanScout SmartTag Wallet, it has a separate area where you can easily fit your Galaxy SmartTag without making the wallet bulky.

It has a raised area to fit the smart tag and a cutout, so you can activate the button if you have your Samsung Smart Tag mapped to other functions. So, attaching a SmartTag to a wallet will help you find it when it gets lost or misplaced, but you need a proper SmartTag Wallet like the one from SwanScout.

SwanScout Smart Tag Wallet- Overview

Design and Build Quality

The Bi-fold Wallet is made from Horse Leather to make the wallet durable and receptive to scratches. With 100% genuine Horse leather, the wallet also absorbs the natural oils from your hand to age like a fine wine giving a glossy look. The horse leather forms a patina by absorbing the natural oil from your hand to ensure that the wallet will age gracefully and the leather won't fall apart.

The Premium Horse Leather ensures +200% durability, and with the SmartTag tracker, you don’t have to worry much about buying a new wallet again. The quality of the leather finishing is excellent, and there are no loose threads. On top of that, the leather also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Swan Scout SmartTag Wallet has a slim profile with 0.94-inch thickness, 3.18-inch width, and 4.52-inch length, which can easily fit in your front pocket.


With different compartments, The Smart Tag wallet is ideal for your Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+. You can track your wallet with the Smart Tag to make it easily trackable.

The wallet is also catered to heavy card users with 12 card slots and has a transparent ID window for quick access to the ID.

With the stainless money clip, you can securely clip your money into the wallet without worrying about security. With RFID blocking, you can block your card’s signal to avoid people directly tapping it while it is in your wallet.

With the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, you can easily find your wallet whether you misplace it or someone steals it. Just take your phone out and locate wherever your wallet is.

Why Should you get a Smart Tag Wallet?

You may be wondering why you should get a SmartTag Wallet instead of a traditional wallet or, specifically, the SwanScout SmartTag Wallet. Still, if you haven’t figured out the answer to the question, let us take you through some of the main reasons that will convince you to get a SmartTag Wallet immediately.

RFID Blocking

RFID Blocking material in the Smart Tag Wallet blocks the card’s electromagnetic signal. It plays a significant role in making your cards more secure. Anyone can easily tap their card and pay on buses and trains.

The technology helps you secure from electronic pickpocketing, which is also known as RFID skimming. When carrying credit cards or other cards with electronic chips, anyone can transfer the information wirelessly by tapping or getting close to you. They can easily make a purchase without even swiping their card.

Anyone with an RFID reader can activate the electromagnetic chips in your card and steal information. With RFID blocking technology in our SmartTag Wallet, you can avoid such RFID Skimming.

Minimal and Sleek

With the Galaxy SmartTag, many have the impression of a big bulky wallet. To make it

The Wallet is just 0.94 inches thick, giving it a sleek look even with the SmartTag. You can easily keep the wallet in your front pocket without worrying about the bulky look. The leather feels good in your hand and fits perfectly in your front pocket with its slim profile.

Practical Card Storage

In this digital era, most of us have gone cashless or carried very little cash, highly dependent on cards. SwanScout SmartTag Wallet has a stainless-steel clip to hold your cash and up to 12 card slots that will be enough even for the heaviest card users. Besides that, the wallet also has an accessible transparent cut-out for your IDs.

The Perfect Gift

The SwanScout SmartTag Walley is a perfect gift for anyone, whether you want to gift it for Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, or Graduation. It comes beautifully packaged in a fancy gift box for your convenience and that of the recipient. The minimal sleek gift box and the wallet's functionality are sure to impress anyone.


SwanScout SmartTag Wallet is one of the best SmartTag Wallets you can get right now. With 100% Premium Crazy Horse Leather, the durability of the wallet is unquestionable and the best part is the leather ages beautifully to give a glossy look. Despite the SmartTag, the wallet is minimal and sleek that fits right into your front pocket without giving a bulky look. 

The SwanScout SmartTag comes with RFID Blocking, Slim Profile, Practical Card Storage with up to 12 cars, a transparent cutout for ID and a stainless-steel clip to fully secure your cash. With the functionality and all other features, the SmartTag Wallet checks all the aspects of a SmartTag Wallet making it a must-have for all Samsung Galaxy Users.


Additional FAQs

How far can Samsung SmartTag work?

Samsung SmartTag works within the Bluetooth range of 120 meters or 130 yards. So, if you have your wallet within a radius of 120 meters, you can quickly locate your wallet or any other item you have attached to your Samsung SmartTag. But do understand that the Bluetooth range of 120m is only for an open field, and it might differ when you are indoors.

Are Galaxy smart tags worth it?

If you are into the Samsung Ecosystem or even have a Samsung phone, it is a great accessory product that helps you locate your valuable items. It works like a tracker, which is simple to use and convenient.

SmartTags uses UWB technology which helps to pinpoint the location of your product, and with a replaceable battery, you don’t have to worry much about the battery life.

What is the main difference between SmartTag & SmartTag+?

Generally speaking, SmartTag and SmartTag+ have only one main difference, which is only useable if you have the latest Galaxy Phones. The SmartTag+ uses the AR Finder feature to help you find your items via your rear camera within a 15m radius.

Besides that, almost every other feature, including Bluetooth range, Network Support, and privacy features, are identical. So, if you want an additional AR Finder for a slightly higher price, you can go for the Plus or get the Standard SmartTag.

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