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Article: SwanScout vs. Ridge: Which of the Smart Wallets Should You Buy in 2023?

SwanScout vs. Ridge: Which of the Smart Wallets Should You Buy in 2023?

SwanScout vs. Ridge: Which of the Smart Wallets Should You Buy in 2023?

The market for smart wallets is expected to be very competitive in 2023. The speed at which technology develops means that new companies always hit the market with products that claim to revolutionize how we carry our cash and cards. SwanScout and Ridge, two sleek, elegant wallets, offer advanced functions and garner attention as two of the leading alternatives in this market. How do you know which one to pick out? Let's delve further into the features and capabilities of these two smart wallets so you can pick the best one. Get ready to learn every last detail contrasting SwanScout and Ridge!

Background on SwanScout and Ridge Wallets

The smart wallet market is dominated by brands like SwanScout and Ridge. Both companies have been around for quite some time and provide many goods.


SwanScout was launched in 2021 to make the best wallet possible 2021. SwanScout's Smart Wallet, its in-built GPS tracker, RFID blocking tech, and stylish appearance, is its crown jewel. It contains Samsung Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+, which make a good choice.


Ridge Wallet was launched in 2013 to make a slim and multifunctional wallet. The Ridge Wallet is the company's signature item; it's crafted from titanium and has enough space for up to 12 cards and bills. This wallet blocks RFID tech and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+, thus protecting your credit cards from theft. The RidgeWallet series includes complementary products like a card case and money clip.


When picking a digital wallet, compatibility is crucial. Knowing what kinds of cards and other items each wallet can contain is crucial, as each has advantages and disadvantages. This section will provide a high-level overview of the two wallets' interoperability and will detail why the SwanScout wallet is ideal for use with SmartTag, Airtag, and Tile Mate.


The Ridge wallet can hold credit cards with radio frequency identification chips and other standard-sized cards. In addition to credit cards and receipts, it may also store cash. SwanScout wallet works with both normal-size and RFID-equipped credit cards. Its main utility is as a storage container for things like keys, a flash drive, or a pair of headphones. For those looking for a flexible, all-in-one option, this is it.


Again, the SwanScout wallet is the best option because of its interoperability with various tracking devices. SmartTag, Airtag, and Tile Mate are all compatible with it, making it ideal for anyone who needs to keep track of their stuff. You will need to buy a different tracker if you wish to utilize the Ridge wallet, as it does not offer the same level of interoperability.

Anti-theft and Anti-loss Features

If you're referring to smart wallets like the SwanScout and the Ridge, you'll be happy to know that they both come with security measures and are trackable smart wallets to prevent you from losing them.


The SwanScout is the first wallet with an integrated GPS tracker, so if you lose it, you can find it again. If your wallet ever gets lost or stolen, you can rest assured that your valuables will remain secure thanks to its innovative locking system.

By blocking RFID signals at 13.56 MHz and above, SwanScout Wallet prevents thieves from accessing your credit cards and other personal information stored on RFID tags. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+ and Apple AirTag provide reliable tracking of location that both of these wallets have.


Next up is the Ridge wallet, which shields your credit cards from RFID theft and serves as a tracker through GPS. The fact that it employs military-grade encryption to safeguard your information is, however, its biggest selling point. Your wallet's contents would be useless to a thief even if they were to steal it.


Price should be one of your top priorities when looking for a new wallet. SwanScout and Ridge have introduced new smart wallets this year, and we aimed to assess their respective prices rapidly.


The smart wallet from SwanScout costs $75-$100, while the one from Ridge costs $50-$95. While both wallets have a lot to offer, SwanScout's is the better buy. Plus, it can be charged wirelessly and has a built-in GPS tracker.

RFID Blocking

SwanScout and Ridge are equally secure against RFID access. Both wallet styles are constructed with RFID-blocking materials to defend against electronic pickpocketing. Compared to SwanScout's wallet, Ridge's is marginally more effective at blocking RFID signals. That's because Ridge's wallet, unlike SwanScout's, is equipped with a metal plate that helps to block signals. Both wallets do a good job of preventing RFID theft, but Ridge's is the superior option.

Capacity, Material, Weight, and Size

The SwanScout wallet has room for 12–13 cards and multiple bills, a front pocket wallet with a money clip. The Ridge Wallet has space for 1-12 cards and a money clip that can accommodate up to 15-20 dollars. As expected with Crazy Horse Leather, the SwanScout is susceptible to scratches.


The Ridge components include titanium, aluminum, and carbon fibers. The SwanScout is lighter (4.6 ounces) than the Ridge (2 ounces). Finally, when closed, the SwanScout's dimensions are 3.18" × 4.52" × 0.94" (the SmartTag holder adds another 0.44 inches to the thickness). while the Ridge's dimensions are 3.39" × 2.13" × 0.24".

Features of SwanScout Wallet

Size:3.18" × 4.52" × 0.94"

*Weight:* 4.6 ounces

*Materials used:* Crazy Horse Leather

*Capacity and organization:* The large capacity wallet of 12 to 13 cards and cash is plenty for most people's needs. And one money clip to hold several bills.

*Security features:* SwanScout also has some great security features, like RFID blocking GPS tracker to protect your information from being scanned or stolen by thieves. Tile Mate, Apple AirTag, and Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+ locators.

*Other unique features:* Other unique features include a 1D window quick-access card slot and a stainless Money Clip for easy cash carrying.

Features of Ridge Wallet

*Size:*3.39" × 2.13" × 0.24"

*Weight:*2 ounces

*Materials used:* titanium, aluminum, and carbon fibers

*Capacity and organization:* The wallet has a capacity of 1-12 cards and cash, which is plenty for most people's needs. And one money clip that hold 15-20 bills.

*Security features:* RFID protection, GPS trackable smart wallet, Tile Mate, and Apple AirTag and Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+ locators to protect your information from being scanned or protect your wallet from being stolen by thieves

*Other unique features:* the Ridge Wallet comes minimalist design with a front pocket wallet with a money clip and a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your investment is protected.

Comparison of SwanScout and Ridge Wallets


● Both wallets are made from top-notch materials

● Both wallets feature RFID-blocking technology to prevent unauthorized use of your credit cards.

● If either of your wallets gets lost or stolen, the built-in GPS tracker will help you find it.

● If you lose your wallet, you can swiftly use the GPS tracker to find it again and have a property to apply Tile Mate that makes it easy to locate your wallet.

● These have front pocket wallets with a money clip that are minimal enough to fit comfortably in your back pocket.

● Money back guarantee provided by both wallets

● Both wallets have Apple AirTag and Galaxy SmartTag & SmartTag+, making it easier to track your wallet when stolen.



● The pricing is one of the most noticeable distinctions. While the SwanScout wallet is considerably more expensive than the Ridge wallet, its extra capabilities may be worth the extra money to some customers.

● The size of each wallet is another distinguishing feature. The SwanScout large capacity wallet may put some consumers off since it is bigger than the Ridge wallet.

● Both wallets are distinct from one another due to their weight. Compared to SwanScout, the Ridge wallet is more lightweight.

● The Ridge wallet has a lifetime guarantee, but the Swancout wallet only has a 5-year guarantee.

● Waterproofing is a feature of the Ridge Wallet that is absent in the Swanscout.




● High-quality materials

● 1D window quick-access card slot

● Stainless money clip



● Inexpensive

● More color options are available

● Light in weight




● No color option


Ridge wallet:

● No cons

Customer Reviews

SwanScout Smart Wallet


If you're in the market for a wallet with a simple, stylish design, go no further than the SwanScout Wallet. Many customers have commented on how much they like the wallet and how well-made it is. Design, durability, and features like RFID blocking are big winners. The wallet has received mostly excellent reviews, while some customers have expressed concern about its longevity.


Ridge Smart Wallet


The Ridge Wallet is yet another fantastic smart wallet option. Customers have raved about the wallet's durability and warranty. Its ability to track purchases and its simple design, RFID protection, and other useful features has won widespread acclaim. Most reviews have been excellent, notwithstanding a few consumers turned off by the wallet's size and thickness.


SwanScout and Ridge are excellent choices for a smart wallet in 2023. Both wallets offer amazing features that make managing your money easier than ever, so it's up to you to decide which is best. Whether ease of use, safety, or aesthetics are more important to you will determine the ideal option. Get the best wallet for your needs by carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks of each option. We hope you've learned enough from this article to choose the right wallet for you confidently.

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